Storey County officers capture escaped inmate

Storey County Sheriff's Office said it has recaptured escapee Jeremy James Morales.

Police officials said they found Morales hiding in the American Flats near the border of Storey and Lyon counties on Monday afternoon.

Morales had been on the run since escaping early on the morning of Oct. 1.

According to Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, on Monday a tip came in from a county resident who had been out on his ATV in American Flats. Antinoro and several deputies responded to the area and began searching. Antinoro located the suspect's tracks and was able to track him about a quarter of a mile to where Morales was hiding in some bushes. Morales was taken into custody without incident.

Morales was still dressed in his jail clothes and shoes. He was returned to the Storey County Jail where he was checked out by medical personnel. Morales had sustained some minor injuries in the escape and was suffering from minor dehydration.

He was subsequently transported to the Northern Nevada Correctional Center where he will be held for further medical evaluation pending sentencing on his original charge. Morales will have to return to Storey County to answer to the additional charge of escape.


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