‘None of the Above!’ spoofs pols, leaving only Kim untrammeled

Kim Kardashian for president, Mitt Romney with an odd overseas background and Barack Obama getting down-and-dirty with George Soros are zany fare in “None of the Above!”The musical revue satirizing politics opened this weekend with Mayor Robert Crowell appearing in the first cameo role to solve two mysteries of presidential history that sprang from the author’s sardonic look at political lore. The local author/composer is Robert L. Reid.The cameos continue with other personages of local renown stepping in for each performance, one of which is in matinee form today at 2 p.m. The show continues in the Maizie Jesse Harris Black Box Theater at the Brewery Arts Center next Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday, with another matinee, plus two final evening performances Nov. 2 and 3.Among the zany sketches is one called Poetry, which features versified verisimilitude from performers playing a villainous banker, an arrogant Donald Trump and Nevada casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.Another sketch called Dancing has performers dancing for the presidency as Barack and Michelle Obama as one couple, Mitt and Ann Romney as the other. A fifth cast member channeling Kim Kardashian comes on at the end to upstage them.Reid plays piano and leads the musical trio that includes Tim Goldsmith on bass, Mark Ashworth on drums. They provide tempo as the players via spirited song or dance routines spoof politics in general, the current campaign in particular. The cast includes Ray Finnegan, Perry Arnn, Marcus Ruggs, Tom Jacobs, Michelle Calhoun, Dezi Hanks, Michon Chandler and Maggie Jesse. None of the above fails to top Romney’s enthusiastic performance of the first real debate or Obama’s in the second.The Wild Horse Theater Company production is directed by Jeffrey Scott.


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