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GOP lack sensitivity, understanding

I am dismayed with what I perceive to be an era of insensitivity which permeates today's Republican party. A few examples:

Women: Although Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973, Republicans are against women's right of choice 40 years later. Some are against the Fair Pay Act, although 75 percent of women make 25 percent less than men in the same job. Republicans are against funds allocated to Planned Parenthood, whose focus is on women's reproductive health.

Veterans: Republicans blocked the Veterans Jobs Bill of 2012, which would have provided $1 billion to give veterans the opportunity to obtain community jobs in the public sector.

Students: Republicans want to end federal support for student loan programs. The Ryan budget would negatively impact 1 million students seeking Pell Grants.

Gays: Republics are against gay marriage and gay family rights.

Immigrants: Republicans are against the Dream Act, which opens educational benefits for children of immigrant families who were born in this country or came here at an early age. Gov. Romney has suggested "self-deportation" as part of his immigration platform.

Retirees: Republicans propose a voucher program which would lower Medicare benefits for future generations, costing families upwards of $3-6 thousand per year. Republicans are critical of individuals and families who live on "entitlements," while knowing that retirees paid into those benefits throughout their careers.

The message here is simple. The Republican party's stance on too many issues affecting too many Americans lacks sensitivity and understanding. Please keep that in mind when you cast your ballot.

Martin J. Fischer

Carson City

Salute to those who

won't increase taxes

On Oct. 13, Eugene Paslov expressed his opinion on the candidates. While I respect his right to his opinion, I do take exception to his reference to Heller and Amodei's signing of the "no tax pledge." This pledge is a promise for no new taxes. Paslov indicates that the Norquist pledge is "anti-American." I researched the organization and found that it is an organization of "Americans for Tax Reform," which strives to solidify opposition to tax increases in Congress and state legislatures over the years. To read more, go to http://atr.org/taxpayer-protection-pledge or http://en.wikipedia


This country is in dire need of "no new taxes" and taking drastic steps to stop the hemorrhaging of government spending. I personally hold in high regard any and all representatives that are dedicated to such a policy.

My second observation is on Robin Christy's letter to the editor, painting Mitt's supporters with a "Klansmen biker" and "death threat" brush. My question to Robin is how do you know that that type of behavior is connected to the Tea Party or was that just an assumption on their part?

While I agree we should not let politics get one so worked up that they harass anyone that opposes the way one thinks, I find it just as mean-spirited to paint all supports of a candidate with such a broad brush. The harassment is on both sides of the spectrum, it's not just one-sided.

Carlynann Johnson Sandell


Fazzino would make

a find Douglas JOP

My gratitude to you, the community, sheriffs, detectives, volunteers and all who participated in assisting me in the search for my daughter Stephanie Baxley two years ago, which remains the focal point in my daily thoughts and heart. I wish to tell you I was required to return to your county courthouse in Minden from out of state to finalize some of Stephanie's legal matters.

I write this to implore all of you citizens to cast your vote for Mr. Wayne Fazzino as your new Justice of the Peace. Mr. Fazzino will honor all of the work and effort performed by your local law enforcement to protect you individually and as a community. Mr. Fazzino's experience brings to you and your county a street-savvy judge to fairly arbitrate your disputes and expeditiously settle issues before him. Mr. Fazzino reflects a balanced point of view, clear thinking, integrity, in-depth experience, also "a man of his word."

Mr. Fazzino's entire career has been dedicated to public service, developing a huge knowledge of the legal system, laws and know-how to serve all of you, a "people's person."

I found the current justice of the peace (East Fork Judge Tom Perkins) using his power as a platform for this incoming election. You, the local people, deserve better. No more "home cooking!" Trust in Wayne Fazzino and know the law will be delivered properly, intelligently and fairly to protect you all.

Living in another state, I have nothing to gain from this upcoming election. I feel compelled to urge you to vote for Mr. Wayne Fazzino as a token of my gratitude for all that you gave to me in my time of dire need and distress.

In Stephanie's voice we will never forget you, I am her mother.

Margaret McIntosh Baxley

Southern California

City can't afford tax hike

Postcards and ads in the Nevada Appeal call those opposing CC Question 1 "negative" and "old codgers." I prefer to think that wisdom is not negative, and while I may be old, I'm really only a grouch to those whose dogs use my yard as their bathrooms and other such miscreants. Name-calling is another form of bullying to silence those who may be in opposition to CC Question 1.

Let me raise an issue not yet addressed. The cost of living in Carson City has increased since 2009 from 97 percent of the national average, to 99 percent at the start of 2012. This does not include the hike in the property taxes supported by Molly Walt and Brad Bonkowski. In fact, Sperling's index puts Carson's sales tax at 7.13 percent, which is much lower than its actual present sales tax of 7.45 percent.

Further tax hikes will place Carson City above the average on the cost of living index. All this while our property values continue to drop, the unemployment stays high, income for most, (except city public employees) is frozen and the school district is looking for more money to prevent a shortfall in their budget. If we can't afford the basics, how can we afford even $12-plus per year for the luxuries?

Andrea Engleman

Carson City

Vote yes on CC 1

Carson City is in need of a financial recovery. We're certainly not going to get it by taxing our businesses more. We need to increase revenue by putting people back to work and bringing on more new businesses.

Carson City Ballot question 1 will help our economy. It will bring in new jobs and help the businesses we have downtown prosper, thus increasing our tax base. We have seen Reno take risks and reap the benefits of investing in their future. Reno is thriving, new businesses are flourishing. Carson City is struggling.

Vote yes for Carson City Ballot question 1. We'll have an inviting town square with an all seasons plaza surrounding a state of the art library with 105 high-tech computers, work space, study and meeting rooms, a 180 seat auditorium and over 12,000 square foot for youth and teenagers.

Most importantly, we'll start bringing in new businesses and encouraging visitors to stop by and enjoy our community.

Sandra Koch

Carson City

Invest in future

of Carson City

I've lived in Carson City since 1947, raised four children here, seen many changes in the community and have chosen to remain because I loved the area.

It is discouraging to me when individuals who have only lived in Carson for a few years or have come here to retire don't want to invest in the future of our community.

The naysayers in Carson have distorted many of the facts about the building of the new library. Statements about consolidating libraries or moving the library to vacant buildings just aren't feasible.

We need a new library in Carson City. Will you be one of the voters who is concerned enough about our community to learn the truth about the new library? Will you make a commitment for a change that will enhance our lives and future generations in Carson City?

Cindy Byington

Carson City

Compare our situation

with Cheyenne

It seems the main thrust of this project is revitalization of our downtown. To that end, the proponents "solid proof" lies somewhere in Seattle, San Antonio, Durango and Cheyenne. Unless you are a huge fan of comparing apples and oranges, you can throw out the first three cities. Size and economic base are nothing like Carson's. That leaves Cheyenne. Similar size, both state capitals, similar small-populated states, old downtown areas.

Cheyenne built a new library because they needed a new library. Revitalization was a secondary concern and the library has done very little, if anything, to achieve that revitalization. In fact, their library was built about four blocks from the downtown core, about the same distance that our current library is from our downtown. To use revitalization as a model is disingenuous.

The financing for the Laramie County Library was contained in what is called a sixth-penny initiative. Several projects vied for a pot of money ($58 million in all) and the library project passed.

The Laramie County Library project was $26.9 million and unlike our project, $6.4 million was allocated for operations and maintenance. The Laramie County Library is in big trouble. The $6.4 million, for whatever reason, is drying up fast. This, after only five years. Another tax increase, close the library, cut services or city bankruptcy.

Tons of information can be found at www.wyomingnews.com. Enter "Laramie County Library" in the search box. Be patient, there are numerous articles.

Michael Tipton

Carson City

Writer needs to

follow her own advice

Robin Christy wrote on Oct. 14 that people should not get so worked up over political views. She then negates her whole premise, and gets all worked up over political views.

She uses two examples to paint a broad brush against her opposition and claims they might belong in a psych ward. She previously stated that any female voting for Romney/Ryan, "naively sacrificing their own reproductive rights and access to birth control, well, maybe we'd be better off to have such stupidity wiped out of our national gene pool."

Sounds pretty worked up to me. Maybe one needs to look in the mirror.

David Youngs


Put the new library

in the Ormsby House

If Carson City really needs a new library, I have an excellent idea. Let's just buy the Ormsby House. Not for sale? Make 'em an offer they can't refuse. Think about it.

On the first floor there would be a foyer, auditorium and changing exhibit area, all adjacent to an outdoor plaza (current valet parking). Second floor will have main library desk, space for newspaper and periodical reading, and restaurant with outdoor seating. Floors three, four, and five would be the main library collection. Floors six, seven, and eight would have computer labs, meeting rooms, and the Business Resource Innovation Center. Floors nine and 10 can be leased commercial office spaces (being across from the Legislature the lobbyists will eat up that space), proceeds of which go to building operation and maintenance.

The facility comes complete with a six-story parking structure. Of course we'll have to get rid of the bar in that structure, turning it into a nice drive through Starbucks. It even comes with a swimming pool (maybe some kind of an aquarium). Adjacent to the plaza will be a bus stop. Changing signage can be put up (more advertising dollars).

Certainly that whole bill couldn't cost more than the $29 million proposed now, and we can finally put an end to what has become a laughing stock of this city. Show your pride! Let's make an existing building functional again.

Sharron Tipton

Carson City

Research Romney's business background

I would like to respond to Marilyn Sturges' Oct. 13 opinion letter, and I quote, "Romney doesn't go around the world apologizing for America." No, he just insults our allies, like England, and his strength is to threaten other countries with insinuations of war.

Do you seriously want to lay at Obama's feet immigration? When he has deported more illegals in his first term than the last several presidents combined? I remember John F. Kennedy 50 years ago trying to tackle the problem. He wanted to bus the Mexican people back and forth over the border each day and increase their pay from 50 cents to $1 an hour, and you know what happened to him in Texas, so please, let's be real.

And furthermore, as far as Romney being the great businessman "job creator," I agree. But where? As I write, please check out Sensata Technologies located in Freeport, Ill. Call their mayor! He'll tell you. Bain Capitol bought and sold the plant, in spite of increasingly earning throughout our recession ... to China! One hundred and seventy jobs are lost, approximate 500 to the community overall.

To add insult to injury, the employees are having to pack up the equipment and some have had to fly to China to teach their replacements! One of them in particular started working there at age 18. Today she is 69.

Anneliese Puthe

Carson City

Similiar names,

different opinions

This is my first time ever writing to the editor. I normally wouldn't at all, but I have a situation that merits it. There is a person with almost the same spelling as my name that loves to write in to the Nevada Appeal on a monthly basis. Her name is Robin Christy. My name happens to be Robyn Christl.

I frequently get mistaken for her and I don't always see eye to eye on the subjects she writes in about, much less how she speaks. Most of the time, I don't really care what she writes about, except lately, friends, family, co-workers and my church community have been commenting on "my" so called letters.

I just want everyone to know, that is not me! Just remember, it's Robyn with a "y" and Christ with an "l."

Robyn Christl

Carson City


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