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Jim Grant / Nevada AppealMore than 1,300 people voted during Nevada’s first day of voting on Saturday.

Jim Grant / Nevada AppealMore than 1,300 people voted during Nevada’s first day of voting on Saturday.

First-timers, families with both generations eligible to cast ballots, along with the grayer set came in a steady stream to vote early at the Carson City Courthouse on Saturday.The first day for early voting produced a long morning line that took perhaps 15 minutes to get through and reach the front. The front was where first-timers were noted and, at times, praised. “I’m nervous,” said Jennifer Quam, 19, a sports medicine student at Western Nevada College and a first-time voter. She was about to cast her secret ballot and she wasn’t sharing her choices with a curious onlooker. “We are proud of you,” a poll worker told her at the counter just before she turned away to find a polling booth and exercise her franchise.In all, 1,333 voters turned out Saturday, passing the 2008 mark of 1,198 voters. Another first-time voter was Zack Lee, 20, who is unemployed and lives on the city’s north side. The former Reno resident, who came with his family to Carson City a year ago, said he is hoping for work in the computer field an opportunity in something science-related.Lee also kept his selections to himself, but did share that his parents urged him to come along and cast his ballot.In the line of people waiting patiently for their turns was a trio from one family with a member wearing a T-Shirt with Williamsburg, the city in Virginia known for its colonial-era historic site, imprinted on the front.The three were about halfway down the hallway to get their ballots; the line stretched behind them all the way out to the courthouse lobby.Roxanne Storra, homemaker and mom, said her daughter, Sharon, brought back the T-Shirt from Virginia as a gift. Sharon stood two back in line with father, Kerry, between the two women.“Remembering history,” she said, “makes you realize how important it is to vote.” Her mother said Sharon is an office manager at a veterinary hospital and Kerry said he has two jobs — one a Renown Medical Center and the other at an Office Depot. Along the line checking to see how older folks were faring during their wait was Randy Dunham, a poll worker, who would stop for anyone utilizing a cane to ask if they needed anything.“This is as busy as I expected,” he said when asked if the steady stream of voters surprised him. “As soon as we opened, we had this.” Dunham directed other questions to Alan Glover, the clerk-recorder. “This is real normal,” said Glover. He said half Carson City’s voters would take advantage of early voting.More than 2,400 voters in Carson City have already cast their ballots. More than 1,100 voted via absentee ballots, according to Carson City elections website. Carson City Courthouse on Musser Street at Roop StreetMonday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.Saturday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.Oct. 29 through Nov. 2: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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