Another point of view on CC1

I appreciate the opportunity to write a commentary regarding CC1 because I hope I might reach those people who are undecided on CC1 due to all the fearful information being circulated.To make my point, an ad appeared in the Saturday, Oct. 20, edition of the Nevada Appeal which had a picture of two older people and a young child and it said “Loving grandparents leave no debts for their grandchildren, vote no on CC#1.” There was no attribution whatsoever as to who paid for the ad, or who the entity or entities were that endorsed the ad, nothing. To me, that is the same as someone sending an anonymous letter. It therefore has no credibility and shows no pride of authorship. When I saw the ad I thought to myself ... we grandparents wouldn’t be leaving any debt for our grandkids. We would be building something substantial for their futures. And of course the ad doesn’t acknowledge that if we do nothing to improve learning for our grandchildren, they will leave and go to a place where it is readily available. They will go someplace that has moved into the 21st century.I have read the explanation of CC1 and it states that a “yes” vote increases sales tax (no property tax or any other tax) by 1⁄4 of one penny. And tourists make up 30-35 percent of all sales tax collected, according to the city finance director, which means you and I pay about 3 cents a day extra on sales tax in order to get a Knowledge and Discovery Center library, which would include traditional book access and reading areas for children, youths, teens, adults and senior citizens. As it is now, these are all cramped together in a 45-year-old, totally obsolete library. Also included in the project are technology and a business support center, computer tools, arts and cultural areas, meeting and conference rooms, retail areas, a community auditorium and a public plaza park. The naysayers who are trying to scare you off with their doomsday approach and threats of bankruptcy and telling you that you are mortgaging your children’s and grandchildren’s future have been singing this song since 1995 when they trashed a similar offer. Remember, folks, it’s been 20 years since we have had such an offer and we may never get this offer again and our children, grandchildren and all residents of Carson City will be stuck with a 45-year-old library and a downtown capital city that is totally out of touch with today’s technology. How can we expect our children to compete in a global economy with such outmoded tools? I have fact-checked with the Carson City management that have projections made by independent bond advisers who have advised the city that the sales tax revenue is more than sufficient for the bonded amount needed. As independents they have no reason to misrepresent. To vote down this “once in a lifetime” opportunity offered by the Mae & Hap Adams Charitable Foundation of land and $5 million would be a disgrace. We are better than that and our kids alone are certainly worth a lot more than 3 cents a day. Vote yes on CC1 and show your pride.• Janice Ayres is a Carson City resident. Ayres, is executive director of Retired and Senior Volunteer Program. The opinions expressed are her own.


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