Karen Perry: New resource available for caregivers

Family members, caregivers and folks looking for support and education about dementia, Alzheimer's disease and other related cognitive disorders now have a local resource center.

The Dementia Resource Center of Northern Nevada, a non-profit organization, has opened its doors at The Lodge, 2200 East Long St., Carson City.

The Lodge has donated office space and staffing to provide the needed services for people living with memory loss.

Mission statement of the Dementia Resource Center of Northern Nevada: "We exist to provide support, education and compassion to patients and caregivers throughout their journey living with dementia or Alzheimer's disease and promote public awareness."

The Dementia Resource Center of Northern Nevada is based in Sacramento and is known as the Alzheimer's Aid Society. The society has been supporting and educating families, caregivers and professionals for the past 30 years all across northern California.

Now Northern Nevada also will benefit from the following services and support:

• Caregiver support groups for various stages of dementia and Alzheimer's.

• Annual caregiver conference providing education to caregivers and the public.

• Dementia and Alzheimer's training program; assisting families and staff with unique approaches to caring for their loved one.

• Caregiver Reassurance Program offers support to caregivers (often in crisis), lending an ear and offering help, support and resources. Most importantly, reassuring caregivers they are not alone.

• In-home support includes supplying incontinence supplies, ambulatory devices (walkers, canes, wheelchairs), legal and financial services.

• Newsletter mailings offering caregiver tips, resources, upcoming events and articles helpful to the reader.

• Free copy of the Practical Guide for the Caregiver (known as the Blue Book, or Green Book if you need the Spanish version). The book also can be used as a training tool for caregivers.

• Consultation and training for facilities caring for residents with memory loss. Including environment assessments, staff training and program development.

The Dementia Resource Center of Northern Nevada is different because proceeds from local donations and fundraising events will stay in our community to provide the much needed support and services to the people living here.

The Dementia Resource Center offers assistance to caregivers in need of education and resources, respite care to prevent caregiver burnout, a volunteer staffed resource center, legal and financial information, veterans aid and assistance information, community awareness, training and scholarships for students earning a gerontology or nursing degree.

For more information visit the website at www.alzaid.org or contact Candace Stewart, elder guide at The Lodge, at candace.stewart@thelodgealf.com.

We are seeking a volunteer to help answer the telephone for the new Dementia Resource Center of Northern Nevada. Contact Candace Stewart at the above email address.

• Karen Perry is the executive director of The Lodge Assisted Living Facility in Carson City.


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