Gotta love those 99-yard drives

Believe it or not, Carson High's 99-yard game-winning drive wasn't the first of that length that I've witnessed.

I saw the Raiders, yes the Raiders, put together a 99-yard drive their first year back in Oakland. Actually, lineman Kevin Gogan corrected me and said it was 99 1/2 yards. When I told Gogan that's not how stat people do it, he just growled, and I backed away. I didn't need a 300-pound lineman getting ticked at me.

The Carson drive was impressive, and I think that Gehrig Tucker's 39-yard reception on his first play of the season at wide receiver was amazing. Whether that will earn him some more time as a wideout remains to be seen.


I know that coach Blair Roman would prefer not to have to play anybody both ways, but I'm not sure he has developed enough to platoon as much as he did a couple of years ago. Levi Carter shows a good motor on both sides of the ball, and I think he will be a very slid defensive end as the season rolls along.


Kudos to Rob Turner, whose Dayton Dust Devils shut out Spring Creek 22-0 on Friday night in Elko. A shutout is a great way to start the season.

Unfortunately, Turner's cell phone was breaking up when he called to report his score, so we were unable to get his thoughts on the game. I do remember that Spring Creek knocked off Dayton last year, so it was nice to see the Dust Devils avenge that loss.

Every week is critical in the new 1A this year with four teams from the North instead of six making the playoffs.


Can you believe the stupidity of Melky Cabrera? He's in a contract year and he gets caught juicing. I say good riddance. He could have been in line to sign a huge contract, and now I'd be surprised if anybody signs him to a big contract because people will be wondering how good he really is. I'm not against the Giants resigning him, but I would only give him a one-year contract until he proves he can stay clean, and I'd drug test him every week.


While we're on the topic of professonal sports, it's nice to see former Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick settling in nicely as the No. 2 quarterback with the 49ers. It was nice to see him throw a couple of TDs against the Chargers, albeit both came against the reserves.

I'm not sure whether Kaepernick will ever get a shot to start for the 49ers in the next few years, but hopefully he'll get more and more comfortable under center, and he'll develop a more over-the-top throwing motion. There is no questioning his arm strength, and coach Jim Harbaugh has a weapon around the end zone if he ever wants to take advantage of that read-option play.


I'd like to thank the student-athletes from Dayton and Carson for turning in their questionnaires in such a timely manner. My plan is to use two per week starting next week. We haven't decided what the second day will be, but it will most likely hinge on what our space is like.


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