Man sentenced in meth beating case

Nevada AppealPatrick Ouellette enters District Court Tuesday morning.

Nevada AppealPatrick Ouellette enters District Court Tuesday morning.

The former Reno math teacher and coach convicted of beating a methamphetamine addict was sentenced on Tuesday to 16 years in prison.Judge James Wilson said during the sentencing that he considered a number of factors in his sentencing of Patrick Ouellette, 30.“The lack of criminal history,” Ouellete's education, previous career as a coach and teacher and that he had committed no violations while released on bail, Wilson said.“On the other side of the coin,” Wilson said, the brutalization, cruelty and terror instilled in victim Cody McChesney points to Ouellette having a “depraved or malignant heart.”“There's no acceptance of responsibility or remorse,” Wilson said.Wilson sentenced Ouellette to serve 10 years with parole eligibility after four years on the third count, battery with a deadly weapon, and six years with parole eligibility after two years in the second count, assault with a deadly weapon.Wilson ordered the sentences to be served consecutively, which means Ouellette would be eligible for parole after six years.Ouellette's defense attorney, Jesse Kalter, said he was disappointed by the judge's sentencing decision.“The jury's verdict made it clear that the state's witnesses weren't credible,” Kalter said.The week-long trial saw the jury convict Ouellette on only two of the six charges, and the panel was hung on the most serious charge, first-degree kidnapping.“This is a story of extreme violence, fear and paranoia,” Deputy District Attorney Melanie Porter said. “The idea of respect is at the heart of this crime.”Kalter said he thought the sentence was unfair and justice was not being served because Ouellette's alleged accomplice in the beating, Harlan Hendry, was given immunity from prosecution.“Some of the state's witnesses said Hendry was more culpable (than Ouellette,)” Kalter said.Kalter said the defense is considering a possible appeal.


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