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130 Years AgoAll sorts: Hall and Meder will open a dancing school at the Carson Opera House. John Sweeney has purchased the old Winston saloon opposite the Opera House and he intends to make it the most popular resort in the city.120 Years AgoAnother strike: Mason Crummes of Gardnerville; H. Jepson, formerly of the St. Charles Hotel; and Chas. Dudley have made a rich strike south of the El Dorado Canyon mines, sending a ton of ore to mines, which brought $500 .... The mine is situated on the highest peak near the summit between Pine Nut and Smith's Valley.Surrounding camps are in a state of excitement, as they may have struck the famous lead between the Comstock and Death Valley.70 Years AgoEva Noteware has retired for a well-earned rest after more than 30 years of splendid service as a teacher. Mrs. Noteware was the last of Carson's teachers who served with Professor H. H. Howe. She taught in the main and central school building, which stood on the lot now occupied by Judge Guild's residence.50 Years AgoBomb shelter: Seven healthy teenagers spent a week in a two-room castle-like bomb shelter. Each was assigned the task of running the manually operated air filter. The shelter had an upstairs and downstairs with walls 15 feet high with one and half feet of concrete between the double walls. The shelter was similar to a well-furnished jail cell with beds that snap on to the wall and an old-style hand pump tapping an underground water supply. 30 Years AgoHarrah's automobile: Antique cars valued at $25 million hit the road for the first Harrah's Auto Collection “grand tour” of 11 cities. More than 1,000 cars gathered from around the world by the late William Harrah, Reno casino magnate, were restored to their original condition. He built the world's largest collection of vintage and antique automobiles.10 Years AgoRailroad benefit: A fundraiser, Western-style dinner and auction is being held for railroad buffs and anyone interested in supporting the effort to reconstruct the V & T Railroad. The auction includes a special collection of memorabilia once belonging to Paul Carrington, an engineer on the original V & T.• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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