Letters to the editor

Facing tough issues? Need solutions? Who do you want on your team: a problem relayer or a problem solver? Where's my easy button because it's a no brainer. I'll choose the problem solver every time.

Mitt Romney developed problem solving skills early in life. He wanted to be successful. The solution? Earn a degree. He graduated with high honors from Brigham Young University and earned a joint juris doctor and master of business administration from Harvard. Romney's career path required him to take his problem-solving skills to new levels. He found failing companies and turned them around with a nearly 80 percent success rate. Staples is one example.

The 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics were in trouble. The planning committee approached a vetted problem solver. Mitt took charge, fixed things and gave America something to celebrate.

It would be easy to be a problem relayer as a Republican governor with an 85 percent Democratic legislature. As governor of Massachusetts, Romney had lunch Thursdays with legislators. He created a rapport and changes began. Romney took Massachusetts out of the red and into the black. And he served without accepting compensation. Let a "turnaround guy" turn the nation around. Put a proven problem solver, not a problem relayer, into the White House.

Christine Tirey

Carson City

In Saturday's paper an article stated Mary Wilson is going to teach a class on Medicare at Western Nevada College. She states she is an expert on health care. She is going to teach a six-week course; five weeks on Medicare and only one week on the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, which she refuses to call by its correct name. If she is an expert and a professional educator, then she needs to call the law by its correct name. She seems very biased already.

She could shorten it to Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA). She states that President Obama has not explained the PPAHCA enough. I agree. I hope she can do a good job and explain all the issues in the AHCA in one week. There is more to the law than the insurance mandate.

Margaret Konieczny

Carson City


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