Sam Bauman: Convention talk, computer deals, vote for RSVP

There was a lot of talk at the Democrat and Republican conventions, but not a lot about seniors. The most interesting parts were Clint Eastwood at the GOP outing and Bill Clinton for the Democrats. Clint and his talk with the empty chair was smart staging, and Bill’s roof-raiser was a booster if there ever was one.About the only aspect about seniors was the GOP embracing of the Paul Ryan budget, which would end Medicare as a fee-based system and instead offer a lump sum voucher retiring citizens could use to buy health insurance — a $6,700 voucher to buy insurance costing $15,000. Unanswered was the question: If a citizen took the $6,700 and decided not to by insurance but spend it on medical care until it ran out and then went the emergency room route, well who knows … The Democrats pretty much just said they would make Medicare more efficient and let it go at that.Of course, neither party suggested changing the current Medicare system for those already in it or those 55 or older. Neither party wanted to touch the third rail of politics. So for current and soon-to-be Medicare users, nothing new or threatening. As far as the Affordable Care Act itself, the GOP said it had to go; but Gov. Mitt Romney later hedged his bets and said some of it could stay.Clear days on the senior political scene.A BARGAIN FOR SENIORSThe Carson City Computer Corps has been quietly settling in its new quarters on Mallory Street next to the Nevada Appeal and has a lot of computer equipment on hand. Ron Norton, president, is always on the lookout for donations of electronic gear for the retail store.“We’ve got complete PCs for sale for as low as $50,” he said recently. The PCs are completely reconditioned and have a warranty covering an initial period. No discounts for seniors, but at $50 it would be a lot easier than going to the City Senior Center to use the free computers there.The Corps retail shop also offers flat screen monitors for another $50 if you’ve been living with a bulky old CRT monitor. And all sorts of support gear, including a mouse at $5, keyboards for $5 or $10 depending on style. The Corps also repairs PCs with a three- or four-day turnaround for a modest fee.The retail store is open five days a week, and the back door is also open to receive donations. Call 883-2323 if you have any questions.HELP RSVP WIN AWARD MONEY My friends at RSVP have a chance at a program that awards funds to charity groups such as RSVP. They need your vote to win.There’s $5 million at stake so a winning vote total could erase the $29,000 shortfall in the RSVP rural program.To vote for NV Rural Counties RSVP go to If you already are a subscriber, login using your existing ID and password. If you are not a customer, look to the lower left of the screen and click the link to Facebook to access the voting area. If you are not already a member of Facebook, you will be asked to join it to access the voting area.The easiest way to locate their profile is to type “Nevada R” into the search charities section at the top of the page. • Sam Bauman writes about senior affairs, among other things, for the Nevada Appeal.


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