Woman allegedly bites deputy

A 42-year-old Carson City woman was arrested Friday night after she allegedly bit a deputy's hand.

According to the arrest report, two deputies and a reserve made contact with Jennifer Moose in the 2700 block of Menlo Drive. Moose was yelling that she wanted her roommate to leave.

A deputy made contact with the roommate, who said Moose came into the victim's bedroom and "began yelling at her to get out. (Moose) then grabbed the victim's arm and began pulling her around the bedroom," according to the report.

Deputies told Moose she was under arrest.

"(Moose) attempted to pull her arms away from our grasp," a deputy wrote in the report. "Due to (Moose's) large size, approximately weighing 400 pounds, three pairs of handcuffs were placed on her."

When deputies asked Moose to get up from the picnic table she was at, she allegedly refused, according to the report.

"The (deputy) and I attempted to grab (Moose) and stand her up. (She) began yelling and intentionally laid down on the ground. (She) refused to stand up. Carson City paramedics arrived on scene," according to the report.

As the deputy was securing the handcuffs in front of Moose, she began to allegedly twist her wrist, causing one of the deputy's fingers to be pinched in the handcuffs. The deputy moved his hand away from the handcuffs.

"(Moose) then grabbed my right wrist and began pulling it towards her mouth and bit my right hand. I quickly pulled away," according to the report.

Paramedics retrieved a blanket, and deputies moved Moose onto the blanket.

Once Moose was on the blanket, she began allegedly kicking, hitting two deputies.

Paramedics brought out a rolling medical gurney and deputies had to lift Moose onto the gurney and she was transported to the Carson City Jail in the ambulance.

According to the report, Moose was arrested at 11:25 p.m. Friday on one charge of domestic battery, three charges of battery on a peace officer, one count of disorderly conduct and obstructing. Her bail was set at $11,256.


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