Letters to the editor for April 6

Right-leaning writers reflect region’s politics

I concur with Mr. Fischer that the Appeal’s writers do tend to lean right politically, but would hold that this accurately reflects the positions of their readers.

I suspect many of the 9,000 Democrats are closer to being Kennedy Democrats than Progressives.

Where I disagree with Mr. Fischer is where he holds The New York Times up as an example of a “balanced” newspaper.

The Times rarely demonstrates a balanced approach, unless balanced means to mock conservatives. My nephew lives in New York City and calls himself a social liberal and a fiscal conservative and regularly reads the Times.

He tells me that the Times is so far left that it is not in left field, but is clear out in the parking lot.

I would not object if you wanted to print columns written by a left leaning columnist. It is important to hear all points of view.

Gary Marshall


Set good example for new Northern Nevada drivers

About 100 new drivers are completing 30-hour new driver education courses in the Carson City, Dayton and Fallon areas over spring break.

As these students are learning safe driving skills, they are asked to observe the drivers around them as they come to and from class.

The observations are interesting and of concern.

Please think about your driving habits and the example you set for new drivers in your area.

Please note that students viewed many more adults illegally using cell phones and texting than young drivers.

Please drive safely and be aware of your surroundings in all directions.

Judy Larquier

Carson City


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