The following divorces were issued by the Tenth Judicial District Court during March 2013.

Steven A. Austin and Debra Lynn Austin.

Jason Michael Benson and Heather Elaine Benson.

Daisy Cagumbay Bridgeo and John Brewster Bridgeo.

Claudette M. Chapman and Johnnie C. Chapman.

Franklin A. Cheromiah and Leslie R. Cheromiah.

David Darney and Christina Darney.

Eric William Heines and Marlene Lynn Heines.

Jack J. Johnston and Zuoyun L. Johnston.

Rita Advincula Kaufman and Michael Elwin Kaufman.

Tanisha Martin and Jaysen Martin.

Muzet Oner McBride and George Stancu.

Casey Thomas Myers and Jian Yu.

Juan M. Perales Jr. and Jenny L. Perales.

Cheryl L. Ray and Howard L. Ray.

Alvaro Rivera and Veronica Rivera.

Margarita Dolores Ruiz and Alexandru Octavian Mocanu.

Mark J. Schneweis and Maria Schneweis.

Zulma Faride Solano and Jerry Solano Ramirez.

John D. Stracuzzi and Christen M. Stracuzzi.

Robert Wallin and Candice Wallin.

Michael Ray Waltman and Sherry Lee Waltman.

John Wesley Warkentin III and Juanita Lorraine Warkentin.

Rosalinda T. Waycott and Stephen D. Waycott.

Taliatu Abdul Yusuf and Artanya Yusuf-Norman.


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