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140 Years Ago

Stone schoolhouse: Is now under the ownership of John Fox and is undergoing a radical transmogrification … into a two-tenement building. We don’t want to say anything to discourage renting of that house, but hope that the ghost of old “spells,” shivering spirits, defunct arithmetics, and strangled grammar don’t reappear …

130 Years Ago

Ink slinger: One of our young society belles met with an innocent mishap when she was visiting a lady friend. When the friend was called from the room, the young visiting friend spied a cologne bottle on the bureau … She generously bathed her head, sprinkling her dress as though the cologne didn’t cost a cent. It seems her friend had been writing and in lieu of an ink bottle had filled the cologne bottle with ink. Instead of being toned up with fragrance, our friend was smeared with Arnold’s best black ink. (Tuscarora Mining News)

100 Years Ago

New pictures at the Grand: “The Fire Cop,”— One of Selig’s thrilling and sensational fire dramas and “A Tenacious Lover”—comedy with a clever female impersonator. Prof. Bruse will entertain with his wonderful musical instrument, the Humanitone, with the latest rag and some old melodies.

70 Years Ago

Frank E. Meder was the A-1 bicycle repair in Carson and kept on hand a large stock of parts and extras needed by cyclists. At one time Carson boasted bicycle teams that raced on holidays against the fastest wheelmen Reno could put on a track …

50 Years Ago

Births: Lt. J. G. and Mrs. James E. Gaines are parents of a girl. Mrs. Gaines is the former Isabel de Lipkau …

30 Years Ago

Carson’s ugly dog contest included big ones, little ones, cute ones and ugly ones. The ugliest pooch was judged to be a long, low, multi-colored canine named Zsa-Zsa owned by Billy Tuenge.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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