Broken water pipe floods Banner Churchill Community Hospital

LVN file photo

LVN file photo

Banner Churchill Community Hospital experienced significant flooding in the east wing of the hospital Tuesday after a one-inch water pipe burst.

No patients were harmed as a result of the flood, but six patients in the 15-bed medical/surgical unit were moved to the west wing and ambulances from outlying areas are being diverted to other medical facilities in Reno. Banner Churchill ambulances as well as ambulances from Naval Air Station Fallon are still responding to 911 calls and bringing patients to Banner Churchill. Walk-in patients are still being accepted in the Emergency Department.

The flood occurred about 11 a.m. on the second floor of the hospital. The operating suite on the first floor was not damaged. Two surgical procedures in process at the time were completed without issue and all remaining surgical cases for the day were cancelled.

The affected pipe carries clean water and was being serviced at the time it burst. It is located in a patient room that was empty at the time.

The hospital staff is currently removing water and assessing damage. The pipe is expected to be repaired by the end of the day. Banner Churchill Community Hospital will remain on divert for outlying ambulance traffic until further notice.


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