Carson City Past Pages for Wednesday, Aug. 7

140 years ago

Yerington Flume Fire (continued from Tuesday) The engine arrived too late to do much good. The wood at the flume was dry and combustible and reduced to ashes. About 18,000 cords of wood was owned in equal share by Messrs. Yerington and Sharon. The cause of the fire is unknown. At 10 p.m., our Carson boys worked like Trojans and kept the flames back until the steamer reached the ground. About a third of the 18,000 cords may be saved (continued on Thursday).

130 years ago

Caledonia picnic (continued from Tuesday). The fun opened with the throwing of a heavy hammer which was simply a cannon ball fashioned on a long handle and thrown over the turf. When the Scotch muscle was scientifically applied, the hammer went flying through the air like a regular roofing hammer (continued Wednesday).

100 years ago

Joe Watkins, who was freed from the penitentiary Friday, was returned to his old cell yesterday. He made it as far as Reno where he mixed it up with liquor which ended him back in jail. His parole papers were found and back he came to his old roost.

70 years ago

The softball game tonight between The Ship Bar and the Pathfinder Flying Service will try for second place hoping for a loss by Ken’s Flyers. Both teams playing tonight have only lost one game each.

50 years ago

Should any of the grizzled legendary desert prospectors run across the nation’s nine new astronauts this week, he might rub his eyes in wonder and swear martians have landed. Astronauts are in desert training eight miles north of Reno.

Trent Dolan is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006. 30 years ago

Disaster relief exercise “Swamp Buggy 1983,” a simulated flood along the Carson and Walker Rivers, was held jointly by the Civil Air Patrol and State Division of Emergency Management.


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