More on the Zimmerman fiasco

Someone told me the other day that Trayvon Martin broke George Zimmerman’s nose. The only person who said his nose was broken was George himself when he told investigators the EMTs said he had a broken nose.

That conclusion isn’t in the EMTs’ report. Strangely Zimmerman did not have his “broken” nose confirmed or treated by a doctor.

In the first picture taken of Zimmerman, it looks as if his nose could be broken, and he is bleeding from the nose. Three quarters of a hour later, after he had been washed up, magically there is no swelling of the nose, and no lacerations anywhere on his face. The blood never came from his nostrils. The medical examiner testified to that effect

So, where did the blood dripping from the end of his nose onto his lip come from? It came from two pin holes on the end of his nose, which very clearly can be seen in the second photo. Martin sure as hell didn’t attack Zimmerman with a needle. There appears to be only one way those pin holes got there; they were self inflicted. Zimmerman needed proof he acted in self defense.

“Martin punched me in the nose and knocked me down, then he jumped on top of me and hit me in the face with his fist 25-30 times.”

He lied. The police told him his wounds did not match his story. No kidding, Sherlock. You’d think any dumbbell could figure that out. Still, it was beyond this juries very limited capacity to comprehend the obvious. Martin wasn’t breaking into anyone’s house, and that’s baloney; he was just walking through the neighborhood.

There was none of Zimmerman’s blood on Martin’s fist. There would have been blood if Zimmerman’s story was true.

Zimmerman had no broken nose, not a single laceration on his face, no broken teeth, no cut lips, no broken jaws, no swelling of his face, and no black eyes — this after getting hit 25-30 times, as he claimed. Common sense says that’s impossible!

He should have had multiple bone fractures, lacerations, massive swelling, blackened eyes and a concussion requiring hospitalization. He should have been unconscious. How does a conscious man, let alone an unconscious man, remove his gun from its holster behind his back and shoot Martin, while Martin was setting on his midsection, as he claimed? He doesn’t, as the defense unwittingly illustrated for the prosecution using a dummy. Martin’s knees were pinned to the side of Zimmerman’s body. Zimmerman couldn’t even reach his gun. This was a phony scenario.

The prosecution should have jumped all over this, but they didn’t. How could the jury find Zimmerman credible? Because one officer said he thought he was. That statement should have been stricken from the record had the prosecution been on its toes.

Zimmerman tracked Martin down and pulled his gun, Martin lunged for the gun ( a fact Zimmerman told police), and Zimmerman shot Martin point blank in the chest. He then faked injuries to his face. The slightly lacerated back of his head, was nothing but a few scratches when cleaned up. It was not an injury consistent with Martin slamming his head on the pavement multiple times, as he claimed. The prosecution failed miserably to challenge Zimmerman’s self defense story, thereby allowing the Stand Your Ground law to be used as a excuse to acquit.

My account is pure speculation, but I haven’t heard another explanation that fits better with the evidence. There is absolutely no doubt that Zimmerman’s account is a total fabrication. The jury believed him, because they wanted to. Why? Could it be because the dead man was one of “them?” Maybe, maybe not. We’ll never know for sure.

I’m with President Obama when he says race relations are getting better generation after generation. However, racial profiling and bigotry are still an ugly part of America. When attributing a motive to Zimmerman and several jurors, some people are convinced race played a role. The evidence that Zimmerman lied is overwhelming. The evidence is inconclusive as to whether race played a role in the outcome. It’s a possibility not to belabor or dismiss out of hand.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity, grasping at straws, made a point that a trace amount of marijuana was found in Martin. So what? That’s something you might find in 60-70 percent of teenagers these days. It has no bearing on this case, whatsoever.

Removing race as a factor, doesn’t clear Zimmerman of responsibility for Martin‘s death. The evidence is overwhelming Martin’s killing wasn’t justified.

Glen McAdoo, a Churchill County resident, can be contacted at


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