2 women nabbed in aftermath of drug bust

Heidi DeSelms

Heidi DeSelms

Two more Fallon residents have been arrested in connection with a drug raid in July.

Heidi DeSelms, 41, and Laura Reynolds, 42, are charged with intimidation of witness but bailed out of the Churchill County Jail. DeSelms was arrested by the North Central Narcotics Task Force, who arrested her husband, Charles DeSelms, last month along with the Carson City Sheriff Office SWAT team at a residence on Mary Street.

Reynolds, meanwhile, was picked up by the Churchill County Sheriff’s Office.

Heidi DeSelms is charged with one felony count of intimidating a witness to influence testimony, one gross misdemeanor of conspiracy to influence a witness and one misdemeanor of possession of drug paraphernalia. She was arrested July 31.

Reynolds has been charged with one felony count of intimidating a witness to influence testimony and one gross misdemeanor of conspiracy to influence a witness. She was arrested Aug. 2.

Heidi DeSelms is scheduled to appear in Justice Court on Aug. 19, while Reynolds is slated to appear on Sept. 9.

According to the criminal complaint, the two women intimidated an unidentified witness July 26 at the American Legion Bar. Task Force Sgt. Dan Johnson said authorities were tipped by a confidential source.

From there, Johnson said, the task force built a case and made arrests before any physical harm was done to the witness.

Heidi DeSelms was also arrested in May for possession of controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. That arrest was in connection with a search warrant for the DeSelms’ residence. The task force missed Charles DeSelms by about 30 minutes but found him about a month later.

He fled from authorities, in which an officer was injured after a car collision, and was finally arrested in July. The task force nabbed Jeff Rechel as an accessory to a felony. Johnson said Rechel helped Charles DeSelms avoid being arrested.

Six people have been arrested since the bust, which resulted in the apprehension of Charles DeSelms, 47, Sheena Marshall, 29, and Daniel Jeppsen, 38. Charles DeSelms was one of the State of Nevada’s Department of Public Safety investigation’s 10 most wanted.

He is suspected of selling methamphetamine, drug trafficking, an ex-felon not to possess a firearm among other charges.

Jeppsen, according to the criminal complaint, is accused of harboring Charles DeSelms and an ex-felon not to possess a firearm. Marshall was booked on three drug charges.


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