Obituary: Cynthia Flores-Christy

Oct. 10, 1964 - Aug. 10, 2013

Cynthia Flores-Christy, 48, of Carson City, passed away on August 10, 2013 at her residence.

She was born October 10, 1964 in La Mirada, CA to Harley and Beverly Loughridge. She is survived by her husband, Tom Garretson; two sons: Joey and Boaddie Flores; her father, Harley Loughridge; brothers, Kenny, Rick, Buster and Jim; sister, Sharon. “Shug” you will forever be in our hearts. A memorial service will be held Saturday August 17, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. at Furgerson Ranch, 455 Furgerson Ranch Rd, Carson City, NV. Fitzhenry’s Funeral home is trusted with arrangements.

“A person who so warm and sweet

A person whom I don’t have to compete

A person who I don’t have to pretend

A person who is there again and again

A person who I love so dearly

A person who I see so clearly

A person who I admire and adore

A person whom I look toward

A person who I think of all the time

A person who won’t drop the dime

A person who made we what I am

A person who, that love’ll never end

A person who I can’t fully describe

A person who’s my Mom, I love by my side

Yes this is for you my good ol’ Mom

To you on Mother’s day

This day can’t go wrong

Happy Mother’s Day Mom

I love you so much!!!”

Your Son,



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