State recycling rate reaches a historic high in 2012

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection has reported a 2012 recycling rate of 28.8 percent, surpassing the state goal of 25 percent.

In 1991 AB320 set a goal that at least 25 percent of municipal solid waste would be recycled in counties that have a population of greater than 45,000. The recycling rate has fluctuated over the last decade, finally achieving the 25 percent goal in 2011. State recycling rates are calculated using tonnage of recycled material from large municipalities where recycling programs are required.

Recycled commodities are broken down into metals, paper, organics, glass, plastic, specialwaste, textiles and other.

To keep Nevada’s recycling rate growing into 2013 and beyond, NDEP’s Nevada Recycles Program has launched a Recycling GIS Map. This web map application allows users to search for recyclers in Nevada by location, material or business name.

Northern Nevada Recycling Coordinator Nicole Goehring believes the map will help increase recycling in Nevada.

“So many people want to recycle, but don’t know where to bring particular recyclables,” said Goehring. “Whether it is a Christmas tree or computer, appliance or antifreeze, the map specifies where to take it for recycling.”

The map, along with a list of quick tips on how to navigate it, can be found on NDEP’s website, More information is also available by calling Nevada’s Recycling hotline at 1-800-597-5868.

NDEP preserves and enhances the environment of the state in order to protect public health, sustain healthy ecosystems, and contribute to a vibrant economy. NDEP is one of seven divisions within the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.


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