New directors appointed for Nevada Office of Veterans Services

Kat Miller

Kat Miller

CARSON CITY (NOVS) — With the announcement of Caleb Cage joining Gov. Brian Sandoval’s office, the governor appointed new directors for the Nevada Office of Veterans Services.

Kat Miller, a retired colonel with 34 years of service in the United States Army, will step up from the Deputy Executive Director’s position to lead the agency. “This is a great opportunity to be of service to the State of Nevada and to our veterans, families, and survivors. I am honored to accept this responsibility and appreciate the confidence of the Governor in this appointment,” said Miller.

Miller spent much of her military service as a military police officer serving in the United States and overseas; culminating her service as a brigade commander in Afghanistan. As NOVS Executive Director, she will oversee the operations of the Southern and Northern Nevada Veterans Cemeteries, the Nevada State Veterans Home, and the Veterans Service Outreach Program.

“The services provided by the nearly 250 employees in our agency are key to assisting the veteran community throughout the state,” said Miller. “It is through their dedication and high standard of performance that we are able to help veterans access services, benefits and opportunities, assisting with their integration into Nevada communities.

The NOVS Deputy executive director’s position will be filled by retired U.S. Air Force veteran Willette Gerald, who served as a non-commissioned officer from 1975-1995. Originally from Montgomery, Ala., Gerald served as an Air Force superintendent of Personnel and was stationed in several countries throughout the Pacific Asian rim as well as stateside service. “It’s an honor to have an opportunity to serve the state of Nevada in this capacity,” said Gerald. “Nevada is a great place for veterans to come after serving and I am glad to be a part of the state’s commitment to veterans and their families.”


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