Obituary: Rick Groves

February 14, 1951 - August 20, 2013

A true Valentine, Rick Groves was born in Branson, Missouri, on February 14, the sole member of his family born in a hospital, albeit during the worst recorded ice storm at that time. Rick’s father, Raymond Charles Groves, died when he was seven of radiation poisoning that occurred while working for a contractor on the Eniwetok Atoll in the Marshall Islands. His mother Shelly was a beautician who raised Rick and his older brother, Gene, and their sister Linda until marrying Dave Gardner, the man who instilled a love of the outdoors in Rick that continued throughout his life. Rick spent his childhood in fourteen different schools, until he settled in Sacramento, California, to complete high school at which time he already had a full-time job and an apartment. He studied forestry at Santa Rosa Junior College in California before moving to Carson City, Nevada, in the early ‘70s.

Rick married Sharon Herron and soon stepped up to control his own destiny by quitting a dealership job and on a shoestring budget, Rick’s work ethic and integrity became the cornerstone of his very successful business, Groves Mobile Homes. Fatherhood came naturally to Rick with the births of his two daughters, Rechelle and Kelli. Some of Kelli’s fondest memories included dancing with her father and her Daddy’s smile that immediately brought a smile to her face. While Rechelle treasures his love of nature and especially his compassion for others.

As does happen in life, Rick’s first marriage was not to last. Through a mutual friend’s suggestion of a blind date one February snowy evening, Rick met Linda Loveland and a lifetime of love began. Working as a team in the business, their success and Rick’s compassionate generosity enabled many peoples’ lives to be enriched, each one in a special way. He was a loyal, trustworthy businessman and friend.

Once they arrived, Rick’s grandchildren Kaylie, Corin, and Olivia often became the recipient of his scary trickster pranks with his booming deep voice. With no destination in particular, Kaylie especially enjoyed the unplanned, often times in the middle of nowhere, camping trips. Discovering what was hidden in the secret treasure box, movies and popcorn, campfire storytelling, mahogany grilled hotdogs, and ATV desert rides became the hallmark of visiting grandpa.

Rick had many diverse interests. As a young man, he never expected that he would be fortunate enough to travel the world experiencing other cultures first hand. He so enjoyed meeting the people and immersing himself in the nature of exotic lands including Tibet, Peru, Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, Vietnam, and China. An avid big-game hunter, the fall was always Rick’s favorite season taking the convenience and comfort of their motorhome to remote Nevada locations. His encyclopedic knowledge, particularly of history and geography, was often called upon by his family and friends and a game of trivia could be a real challenge to his team of opponents (everyone played as one team against Rick and still lost).

Rick also enjoyed gardening, especially sharing his delicious vine-ripened tomatoes. He loved exchanging culinary tips with Linda’s daughter, Lacey, and was a master on the barbeque or smoker. He cooked wild game that pleased any pallet. Rick loved all different kinds of music from Western and Jazz to Pop and Strauss. Besides being able to identify artists and sing the lyrics, Rick loved western movies (True Grit was his favorite) and could recite many of them word for word. Rick’s dogs always held a special place in his heart and were always part of the family.

Rick cared about life and lived it on his own terms. As he said many times, “I’ve had a great life and everybody has to go.” Everyone who knew Rick was touched in some special way, and he left many people’s lives filled with laughter and enriched for having known him. The legacy of Rick’s life is embodied in those who have survived him including the strong and independent women who cherish him. Rick and Linda enjoyed a loving marriage of over thirty years until they were separated by Rick’s passing.

He is survived and will be missed by his wife, Linda; his daughter and son-in-law Rechelle and Antonio Murillo, grandchildren Kaylie and Olivia; daughter and son-in-law Kelli and Shane Cartwright, grandchild Corin, step-grandchildren Troy and Tanaya; brother and sister-in-law Gene and Monika Groves; sister and brother-in-law Linda Dino Drakos; Linda’s daughter Lacey Loveland; and so many dear family members and friends who were a part of his life.

A private celebration of Rick’s life will be held in late October.

If Rick’s passing moves you to do something, please donate to your favorite charity or the American Lung Association.


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