Business licenses

The following business licenses were filed in Carson City in November.

Absolute Landscaping Inc., 5291 S. Edmonds Drive, general business, Absolute Contracting Inc., owner, 775-883-2760.

Affordable Storage. 1213 Fairview Drive, general business, Tahoe III LLC, owner, 775-267-9510.

Andresen, Allison, 3405 Market St., Suite 102, general business, Allison Y. Andresen, owner, 626-893-3867.

At Once Bail Bonds LLC, out of town business, Las Vegas, At Once Bail Bonds LLC, owner, 702-333-2245.

Blushing Artisan Makeup, 1627 N. Carson St., general business, Sabrina K. Wong, owner, 415-637-2821.

Buffalo Wild Wings, 3815 S. Carson St., general business, Screamin’ Hot Reno LLC, owner, 859-940-5352.

BW Cabinets and Doors Inc., out of town business, Mound House, BW Cabinets and Doors Inc., owner, 775-246-7500.

Cameron Construction Co. of Nevada, out of town business, Salt Lake City, Utah, Cameron Construction Company of Nevada, owner, 801-268-3584.

Cavener, Laura, 2701 Marvin Drive, general business, Laura Cavener, owner, 775-770-4467.

Classic Snow Services LLC, out of town business, Reno, Classic Snow Services LLC, owner, 702-215-8388.

Claudia’s Decoraciones, 1055 La Loma Drive, general business, Claudia Avila, owner, 775-443-0271.

Client Services of Missouri, out of town business, St. Charles, Miss., Client Services of Missouri, owner, 800-521-3236.

Cruz’s House Cleaning, out of town business, Dayton, Franklin Cruz, owner, 775-410-0650.

Ensminger Consulting, 2041 Shadow Brook Court, general business, Norman A. Ensminger Jr., owner, 650-333-5341.

Gisele’s Salon LLC, 2049 California St., general business, Gisele’s Salon LLC, owner, 775-434-3584.

Hey Mr. Handyman, 109 S. Harbin Ave., general business, Troy Mitchell Zimmerman, owner, 775-443-0698.

Hoid, Gary E., 1131 Buzzy’s Ranch Road, general business, Gary E. Hoid, owner, 775-315-7138.

HQ Auto Sales Ltd., 2580 N. Carson ST., general business, HQ Auto Sales Ltd., owner, 775-410-3020.

JM Environmental Inc., out of town business, Roseville, Calif., JM Environmental Inc., owner, 866-726-0304.

Johnston, Robert G., Attorney at Law, 204 N. Minnesota St., general business, Robert G. Johnston, owner, 775-461-3677.

Kimball, Jennell L., 205 E. John St., general business, Jennell L. Kimball, owner, 775-841-1155.

Lucky Strike, 444 E. William St., Suite 8, general business, Woody’s Entertainment Inc., owner, 775-423-3101.

Lyon, Jean C., 1910 College Parkway, Suite 130, general business, Lake Tahoe Health, owner, 775-771-0346.

Mr. Chuck’s Driving Academy, 1308 Monte Rosa Drive, general businesses Charles Ayers, owner, 775-750-4925.

Nevada Occupational Health Center, 3488 Goni Road, Suite 141, general business, Jay Betz MD Consulting Corp, owner, 530-277-7485.

Nevada Vapor Supply LLC, 206 N. Carson St., general business, Nevada Vapor Supply LLC, owner, 775-671-7570.

Ormsby Heights Residential Care, 615 W. Fifth St., general business, Ormsby Heights Residential, owner, 775-883-3191.

Pacheco-Ramirez, Yasvel, 1894 E. William St., Suite 9, general business, Yasvel Pacheco-Ramirez, owner, 775-883-2512.

Parkway Terraces, 603 College Parkway, general business, Carson City Parkway LLC, owner, 775-884-9595.

Research and Consulting Services, out of town business, Reno, Research and Consulting Services, owner, 775-849-9701.

Secured Data, 2737 Oak Ridge Drive, general business, Pamela Regan, owner, 775-287-4190.

Sims, Anna Marie, 200-214 S. Carson Meadow Drive, general business, Anna Marie Sims, owner, 760-625-2504.

Strating, Susan, 674 Buzzy’s Ranch Road, general business, Susan Strating, owner, 970-222-6888.

Tasty Vapes LLC, 101 Hot Springs Road, Suite 8, general business, Tasty Vapes LLC, owner, 775-434-5936.

Walbuck Ltd., 3607 Challenger Way, general business, Walbuck Ltd., owner, 775-887-0488.

Wellness Hypnotherapy, 343 Fairview Drive, general business, Deborah Case, owner, 775-770-0501.


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