Dinner will be delayed

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and tradition held forth at most dinner tables. Generally, the Patriarch or Matriarch of the family will say grace before everyone digs into the banquet traditionally prepared for Thanksgiving. Normally this takes about two or three minutes. I got to thinking the other day that if we choose this time to gives thanks for all we have to be thankful for, other than God and Country, dinner would be delayed for a time.

We should start by giving thanks for all the men and women in uniform, especially those who have paid the ultimate price to keep this nation free. We should give thanks to those who patrol our streets and highways and do their darned best to keep us out of harms way and safe. We are thankful for our courageous firefighters, especially in remembrance of the 19 who lost their lives battling a wildfire in Arizona this year.

These aren’t the only people in the lifesaving business. We should not overlook all the first responders, many of them volunteers, who are there to help in the event of a catastrophe. Thanks to the medics who transport us to hospitals where doctors and nurses continue the lifesaving process. Thank God we still have men and women who are willing to work many years to become physicians even though some will be sued and driven from their profession if they make one mistake, or if it appears they have erred.

To speak of thankless professions, how about politicians? Still, someone has to do this or democracy wouldn’t work at all. I can think of many politicians for whom I am, or have been thankful, and if you’re honest so can you.

How about those that bring us the news everyday and keep us informed? Where would we be without them? I am talking about real news reporters not phony partisan entertainers passing themselves off as news people.

I am so thankful for those that keep us entertained with great talent to sing, dance, play an instrument or keep us laughing. I saw Elvis Presley at a concert in Batesville, Ark., when he was just 19. I still consider him the greatest entertainer of my time.

We can’t, at least I can’t, forget the great sports figures that bring us hours of excitement. What would the world be like without Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady or Clayton Kershaw? I am constantly filled with memories of the great ball players of times past. I saw Sandy Koufax pitch a no-hitter; he was the best pitcher I’ve ever seen. I saw Willy Mays make that unbelievable running catch over his shoulder, spin and make a dazzling throw back to the infield. I watched Jerry Rice set records as a wide receiver that will never be broken.

We can’t neglect the writers and artist who bring culture to our communities. Where would we be without books, paintings, photographs, and sculptures?

Aren’t you ever so thankful for your friends? I sure am. I’ve laughed, and cried and shared many a good time with my friends; Very close friends like Bob and Shari, John, Ann and Bill Rock, Jeanne and Eugene Hopson, Frenchy and Judy, Ginger, Kenny and Karen, just to name several. I’ve known some of these folks for more than 30-40 years. My friend Wayne Otwell, who lives near Auburn, Calif., has been a friend since grade school. I am so thankful for all of them.

Other than God Almighty, there is nothing greater to be thankful for other than family. I’ve known siblings who don’t speak to each other, parents who no longer talk to their children and children who no longer talk to their parents. That‘s tragic. Family is too important for members not to forgive one another.

I am thankful for all my five children. I love them so. I am thankful for my dear sis and her family, my uncle Robert and Aunt Lois (he’s 94 years young). They’ve brought me many a joyful moment. I have been blessed by my mom and grandparents, and many aunts and uncles who have gone on. I loved my father and forgive him for his neglect, which was caused by an illness he just couldn’t control.

I am so thankful for every moment of the 43 years of my life I shared with the most wonderful companion I could have ever imagined, my dearest wife, Lynne.

I thank God Almighty for clear blue skies, majestic mountains, dark blue rivers, and all the creatures that reside therein. I could go on.

Glen McAdoo, a Churchill County resident, can be contacted at glynn@phonewave.net.


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