Thanks to employee of Southwest Gas

We’ve just had a visit from Bob, a Southwest Gas representative. He assessed whether we had a gas leak that I had become concerned about. Bob arrived within 30 minutes or less from my call and immediately began his review. After checking indoors and out, then indoors again, he found no leak. This took some time and some walking around the perimeter of the house in 10 degree weather.

Bob’s finding is that the product I used on our old wood floor was continuing to evaporate, causing the unusual smell. In spite of the unnecessary reason for the visit, Bob remained polite and helpful in his comments about the cleaning product and it being part of his job. Thank you to Southwest Gas for the fast response, and to Bob in particular. It is very comforting to be able to rely on such this service, especially during such a cold spell.

Jan Penney-Araza

Carson City


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