Library board settles filter issue

The Carson City Library Board of Trustees voted Thursday night that 17-year-olds won’t get Internet access to adult content on library laptops.In a separate matter, the board also learned from Phyllis Patton, president of the Friends of the Carson City Library, that the friends group has rescheduled Paula Poundstone for an appearance to raise funds.Poundstone, the comedienne who bowed out of a previous engagement due to family illness, is slated to appear March 29 at the Bob Boldrick Theater in the Community Center. Tickets are $45 for reserved seats, $35 for general admission.In the meeting’s main action item, the board decided on language written by staff regarding use of 10 library laptop computers that may be used, if sought, on an unfiltered basis.Library Internet access has a new filter system that screens out some content, protects against spyware, malware and the like, but the laptops allow adults who request them to have unfiltered Internet access.The issue before the board was whether 18, the age of majority in Nevada, or 17, the age in a federal court case, constitutes an adult. Board members were told if the city should seek federal money under a federal library services and technology act, the age could be lowered at a later date if they chose.Librarian Sara Jones, who left it to the board, also said the new filtering system was tested, works well, and the overall approach protects First Amendment rights.She reported the library general fund budget likely will remain flat at $1.53 million, but another staff report indicated the library hopes to collaborate with Carson City public schools on library-related technology stemming from the schools’ $10 million race-to-the-top federal funding.


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