Letters to the editor

Open letter to President ObamaMr. President, it’s time you stop using Air Force One as your private limo. Even the limos you ride in are not your limos, they belong to the taxpayers of the United States for the use of the president. You spent $1.6 million of our tax dollars to fly to Las Vegas to give a speech that even your supporters asked you not to do in case you kill the immigration proposal made by eight senators. You could have spoken from the Oval Office without spending a dime or gallon of gas. According to the London Daily Mail, you and your family have cost us $1.4 billion per year flying around the globe, 40 times as much as they spend for the entire royal family. So far that’s five billion six hundred million dollars for travel.We’re in bankruptcy, and you’re on a spending spree. Think what $5-10 billion would buy for our country? Safety in our embassies? Hospitals for our veterans? You name it.Shame on you. Quit campaigning.Judy JacobsGardnervilleConservatives need to start playing dirtyIn response to the Jan. 27 letter from Kelly Madigan regarding the current presidential regime’s shameful rhetoric, I would like to say that he was spot on. My only criticism is that he was too nice about it. It seems that nowadays people (at least the low information voters) respond better to meanness and nastiness, rather than respectfulness and civility. If Romney had been as dirty, mean, nasty, and dishonest as Obama, he would have won the election. The Democrats/ Socialists/Marxists want to further violate our inalienable rights by telling us what kind of guns and how many bullets we can have. Technically, any gun control measure is a violation of the Second Amendment. People tend to forget that the main purpose of the Second Amendment was for the citizenry to protect against a tyrannical government, which is what we are rapidly approaching. If a Republican doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy one. If a Democrat doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed. Republicans want to increase revenue by growing the economy. Democrats want to increase revenue by punishing the successful, and it goes on and on. During the next elections, I’m calling for the conservative politicians to be as dirty, mean, and nasty as possible to expose the Democrats’ nefarious agendas and to take both Houses of Congress and the White House. Then, to use Obama’s own analogy, the Democrats can come along, but they’ll have to ride in the back. Vern PayetteSilver Springs


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