Carson Perspective: Dogs, cats and other spats

It’s unlikely to wind up all dogs, cats and other spats at Carson City’s Board of Supervisors come Thursday, but small city animal control issues may take a big bite out of the day.An ordinance slated for a hearing sets a fee schedule for small animal permits and other services, which includes a $50 permit fee for four dogs or cats over six months of age at any one place. That’s up from $2.The last time the idea was before supervisors, according to various people involved, the sticking point wasn’t so much the cost as drawing the line between three and four animals.Supervisor John McKenna at that time asked city staff to hold a public forum to get feedback, which was done, and then return to the board. He indicated the three/four animal issue seemed of concern to people. The proposed ordinance, crafted by staff at the city’s Health & Human Services Department, also would allow fines by judges for significant ordinance violations to rise from $500 to $1,000 per offense if adopted.Supervisors’ pre-meeting briefing papers showed an hour was estimated as the time needed Thursday, but it took up three hours when it came up last November, said Carson HHS Director Marena Works.She expressed the hope it wouldn’t take so long this time around.The proposal, now with the benefit of input from that Dec. 12 workshop and forum, reworks and condenses old ordinance language.It represents a different though related matter in planning code, which calls more than three animals in a location a kennel. Animal services personnel has indicated that will remain a matter for city planning. This week’s agenda shows that the item immediately after the draft ordinance will be a presentation to the board about a completed project design concept for a new Carson City Animal Services Facility. Now, notes from businesses on the business-city government scene in Carson City:• The dueling petitions situation over Carson Street downtown grows apace. Comma Coffee and Mo & Sluggo’s downtown have gathered more for cutting Carson Street to two lanes of traffic downtown, but the AM-PM gas station/mini-marts at 720 S. Carson St. and 1017 N. Carson St. have hundreds favoring four lanes, as does Super Burrito. • A tidbit from surveying local car dealers on sales last year and projections for 2013 caught the eye. Dana Whaley, Toyota / Scion dealership general manager, said businesses were buying in recent months to beef up or restock their firms’ fleets, big or small. Another upside sign, perhaps? • John Barrette covers Carson City government and business. He can be reached at


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