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Why are we assuming evolution is true?It is interesting to see how it is no longer enough for a scientist simply to note what his specialty is. He must also note what his religion is. The article on Chris Smith about his classes on the Joshua tree couldn’t just say he was a biologist, it had to say he was an “evolutionary biologist.” And for $210 he will preach evolution to you in his classes.He believes the religion of evolution even while studying the Joshua tree which the article says, “would not exist without a plain-looking moth about the length of a pencil eraser, and the moth would not exist without the tree.” Trying to understand this symbiosis by the accident of evolution requires an immense amount of faith, but when evolution is your religion, you have to try. Heaven forbid (if I may use that expression) that this was designed by an intelligent Creator.More and more we see articles in the news that just assume that evolution is true. We need to remember that evolution is a world view held by many scientists, but there are also many who hold the world view of creation by an intelligent Creator. Often the creation model better explains an observation than the evolution model. I suspect, in the case of the Joshua tree and the moth, this is the case.Don R. DrakeCarson CityDrifters put on great showThree busloads of handicapped seniors got to enjoy the music of the Drifters Friday night at the Carson Valley Inn.It took a lot of wonderful nurses to load and unload all those handicapped seniors for a fun night. My sister is at the Mountain View Health and Rehabilitation Center on Koontz Lane. They put her on stage and she danced to the music. Everyone applauded. She’s 91.Hats off to all the wonderful nurses who put a little joy in their lives.Betty ElsteadCarson CityTeachers don’t need to respond to letterTo all the teachers that have or would like to respond to Rob Cobb’s statements in his letter to the Appeal: Please don’t!The wonderful teachers in this world have way too much class to have to dignify a response to such a juvenile opinion. Thank you teachers for not only being teachers, but counselors, parents, dietitians, tutors, coaches, physical fitness trainers and the list goes on.Nothing more needs to be said.Stan HeinrichsCarson CityIs it a ‘Brave New World?’The new state religion, which has the fundamental tenet that any earnings or value that the private sector creates should be confiscated and become the property of the government, has a fatal flaw. After the government takes it all, there will be no more to take. In a more understandable analogy, the Sheriff of Nottingham was a bad guy. He worked for the government. He took things of value from the peasants and distributed the ill-gotten gain to his supporters and the clergy. In modern times, the clergy is the public school system that institutionalizes the state religion. Robin Hood would be the guy that returns these looted assets to the peasants (i.e. the private sector people creating the wealth). In our “Brave New World,” the Sheriff of Nottingham has taken the nom de plume of his a, Robin Hood.In another century, I would like to be a musketeer. I would aid the Huguenots instead of supporting the cardinal. I still assert that the Sheriff of Nottingham is a bad and evil guy.Dan WrayMindenCarson Street neighbors will see more trafficI have been putting off writing anything regarding two lanes on Carson Street since those in power will do whatever they want to do or not want to do in this town.A few years back the residents on Division Street between 5th and 10th signed a petition to get a speed table and some enforcement on our road and the surrounding roads due to the high amount of speeding. The speed table came, but we were told that due to budget cuts enforcement would be slim to nothing.Now the people who want one lane on Carson Street can’t figure it out that we need more interesting shops on Carson Street, and they don’t care if more traffic comes on these back streets. They don’t even care when they have karaoke night that lasts until after midnight. Who cares about the residents who may need to sleep and it’s summer time and windows are open? It’s all about what is good for them. And who cares that our historical section back here will have more traffic on it? Ghost Walks and all other attractions can just deal with it because we don’t have an officer back here that can write 1,400 tickets and get his picture in the paper.Rhonda GlissonCarson City


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