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Bush, Obama both had parts in Fast and FuriousRegarding Margery L. Scott’s recent letter to the editor on Jan. 29 regarding gun issues and the Fast and Furious operation, regardless of where one stands on gun issues, it should be pointed out the Fast and Furious was conceived and initiated during the Bush administration. Indeed it did continue into the Obama administration.Rex NormanCarson CityObama not understanding rules, regulationsI am disappointed. I thought that in November we reelected an intelligent man to be president, a constitutional scholar in fact. So why did a Federal Appeals Court have to tell the President that he is only allowed to make recess appointments when the Senate is actually in recess, not whenever he feels like saying it is? And why does he insist that the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom doesn’t actually extend to religious organizations or individual business owners who are now forced, under Obamacare, to provide health insurance which allows for abortions when the employer is opposed to such actions on religious grounds? Is religious freedom only guaranteed when he approves of it? Why is he seemingly unable to understand that the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting? (The word “hunting” is not in the Constitution, period.) And why does he make the ridiculous argument that if something will save “even one life,” then we need to do it? I was appalled at the loss of 26 innocent lives, but if we are committed to saving “at least one life,” why not ban tobacco, which causes 443,000 deaths each year, instead of so-called “assault rifles,” when the FBI says rifles were involved in only 323 deaths last year? (Incidentally, “smoking” also doesn’t appear in the Constitution.) I thought the president was smarter than this.Gary M. CollierGardnerville


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