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Judging vs. recognizing

Regarding Robin Christy's letter, evidently, Christy doesn't know the difference between "judging" a person for his or her actions or "recognizing" it for what it is.

God gave all His children the Ten Commandments, teaching us to follow His will, set good life examples and inform those who do not keep His law that they are jeopardizing their heavenly destination. Telling someone they are committing sin is not hatred for the person but rather hatred for the sin, which Satan uses to drive as many as he can into Hell! Satan does not want anyone to enjoy the life he once had and lost!

Parents correcting children when they do wrong is not because they "hate" them but because they love them, directing them to the correct path. Likewise, telling someone they are engaged in immorality does not involve judgment of why the person does it, but rather reminds them that God does not approve of their behavior. It is not "hateful" to make one aware of wrong-doing, thus offering him or her a chance to live the way God wants them to live to inherit eternal happiness with Him!

Hatefulness is silence, not caring if our brothers and sisters spend eternity in Hell!

Mary Santomauro


Reid should lose job for his role in Obamacare

Obamacare was written by Sen. Harry Reid behind closed doors by he and his Congressional friends and with no help from other members of Congress. As Nancy Pelosi said, pass it then you'll find out what's in it.

The Obama administration, Reid and AARP pressured members of Congress to vote for this without their reading it. Reid bribed some members of Congress to pass this bill. Obama has already taken over $750 billion from Medicare for Obamacare. If Obama keeps cutting Medicare the doctors and hospitals will not take Medicare patients. They're going to tax everything that's not nailed down, even if it has already been taxed.

Here's what will happen. If you don't have insurance, you will be taxed above any tax you may owe. You may not get your tax refund if yo have one coming. It's a penalty or tax for not having insurance: in 2014 $95 to $285 per person uninsured; in 2015 $325 to $975 per person uninsured; in 2016 $695 to $2,085 per uninsured person. You will have to prove you have health insurance.

It's time for Sen. Reid to go! Now if you don't believe this, go to www.survivingobamacare.com or you can buy the book Obamacare Survival Guide by Nick J. Tate.

Albert Wright



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