Carson City transportation panel OK’s Fairview safety median idea

Carson City’s Regional Transportation Commission approved a cooperative agreement Wednesday aimed at constructing a $120,000 safety median on traffic-heavy Fairview Drive this year.The pact is with the Nevada Department of Transportation, which will use federal funds to provide all but $6,000 of the cost. The project is designed to cut down safety problems from increased traffic on Fairview from Carson Street on the west to Roop Street on the east.A consistent flow of traffic, particularly westbound off the bypass freeway where it ends to the east at Fairview, has heightened traffic. Problems caused by illegal turns will be decreased by the median.The design has yet to be finalized, said Carson City Transportation Manager Patrick Pittenger. But he said it likely will allow left turns from the eastbound lane just east of Q’s Restaurant near Carson and at the east entry to Lowes nearer to Roop Street.Pittenger also said motorists, neighboring businesses and law enforcement have sought a safety fix along the corridor.Supervisor John McKenna, one of two supervisors on the commission and the one elected RTC chairman earlier in the meeting, asked if the median would come out after the bypass freeway is completed past Fairview.“Not necessarily,” said Pittenger. The panel was told the median mainly enforces existing law that people have been violating at times. The median is expected to be six inches high and wider than that when the project is done.In other action, the RTC also elected Commissioner Jim Mallery as its vice chairman.Commissioners approved an $85,563 increase in the operating service contract for Jump Around Carson (JAC) para-assist service primarily because of Medicaid recipients use required by the federal government. That hiked the total from $538,387 to $623,950.The commission was told, however, that changes anticipated for next year should alleviate some cost pressure going forward.The commission heard a report on prospective legislation to help finance “complete streets” projects, but the bill has yet to be drafted. Such projects are aimed at ensuring streets and sidewalks are safe and useful for walkers, bikers and motorists.


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