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130 years agoLast Saturday several of the youthful tramps who had been begging money on the streets were brought up before Judge Cary and found guilty of vagrancy. They were ordered to appear yesterday morning. As expected of young loafers, they failed to make their appearance. The police say the entire gang left town, fearing arrest. It is a good thing, as the county will be saved considerable by their departure.110 years agoThe scribes of the state are holding their session at the Sagebrush Club this afternoon. The members have a large attendance and from the way they are sticking on the job there is something doing with the pencil-pushers.70 years agoDuring January, 78,950 pounds of materials were collected by the Ormsby County Salvage Committee. January shipments consisted of 100,000 pounds of scrap iron and steel, 1,000 pounds of non-ferrous metals, 8,200 pounds of greases and fats, 2,000 pounds of rags and 70 pounds of collapsible tin tubes.50 years agoThe March of Dimes drive in Ormsby County benefited from a public tea hosted Saturday at the Governor's Mansion by Mrs. Grant Sawyer, Mrs. William Van Patten and 100 others.20 years agoTotal number of crimes is down by three percent in 1992, but the number of rapes, robberies and assaults has increased.10 years agoA proposed 300-unit apartment complex near the Empire area has Carson City school officials questioning what to do with the influx of students it would create.• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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