Letter to the editor

Andrew W. Russell with Fredrick the Basset Hound.

Andrew W. Russell with Fredrick the Basset Hound.

My name is Andrew and I am a fully disabled person with a service animal (his name is Fredrick). I am writing in hopes that I might find help to get my hound’s teeth fixed. I was told by my vet (Sierra Veterinary) that my service animal has teeth that are very infected and need to be removed. I do not make a lot of money with my disability, about $700 a month. I was told by my vet that the cost would be over $1,000 to pull the bad teeth. I was also told that if I do not get the teeth fixed soon it will start to cause significant health problems for my hound, ranging from ear and nose issues to blood diseases and heart problems. I have tried every animal charity I can find online and always receive the same answer, that they do not give grants for dental. I feel as if I am at a loss as to help my hound due to bills and finances. I have been able to save around $150 in the last seven months but feel that by time I can save enough money for the procedure it will be too late. Fredrick means everything to me, he is my world and I do not know what I would do or what I would have done without him. So I am hoping to turn to the people of the public with generous hearts to help me get my hound’s teeth fixed. If any donations are made please make them to Sierra Veterinary located at 1477 N. Saliman Road, 775-883-0261, under the name Fredrick the Basset Hound. I thank you for your time in reading this. Sincerely, Andrew W Russell & Fredrick the Basset Hound


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