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130 Years Ago

Housing: For the past year there has been a cry that Carson is going to the "bow wows." There is not a town in the state in which it is more difficult to find a desirable house. All dwellings fit for habitation are occupied.

120 Years Ago

Dusting: A pet fox with a fine bushy tail has been trained to dust furniture at one the local hotels. It is fun to see Reynard back up to a sofa and wag the sand from it... He is now being taught to swab out lamp chimneys. (Homer Index)

70 Years Ago

Social insurance: Dr. Francis E. Townsend, leader of the pension movement, said that the United States can afford a social insurance program that will pay $60 to $70 a month to retired workers, the physically incapacitated and widowed mothers... "One of the greatest gifts we could grant the American people in the New Year of 1943 would be a truly adequate system of social insurance..."

50 Years Ago

Tax cut: White House advisers have indicated that taxpayers in the lowest and highest bracket will be the chief beneficiaries of the tax cuts President Kennedy promised...

30 Years Ago

Governor-elect Richard Bryan is to be sworn into office. Robert Crowell, chairman of the inaugural day ceremonies, said outgoing Gov. Robert List and former Govs. Mike O'Callaghan, Grant Sawyer and Charles Russell will attend...

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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