Letters to the editor

Community helps reach fundraising goal for houndThank you for your donations in response to the letter to the editor in the Nevada Appeal placed by Andrew Russell for Frederick the basset hound. Andrew has exceeded the money needed to care for Frederick, thanks to the many caring and generous people in our community.Due to this overwhelming kindness, Sierra Veterinary Hospital was able to make a substantial donation to CASI (Carson Animal Services Initiative), whose goal is to build a new animal shelter in Carson City to help homeless pets find their perfect family, in Frederick’s name. Sierra Veterinary Hospital currently works with community service organizations and provides free or discounted services to those animals, such as Carson City Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Carson City Animal Services.Sierra VeterinaryHospital TeamGrand Old Party turns ‘Door Mat Party’Well, now the GOP must change the name of their party. It should now be called the DMP (Door Mat Party). They have once again proved that so-called “working together” means the Republicans doing what the Democrats want. I don’t know why anyone says we have a two-party system when such idiocy occurs. The politicians have avoided the fiscal cliff by finding a new way to commit financial suicide, be it a somewhat slower death.The next hurdle in our country’s financial suicide is the debt limit. The DMP should just ask the Democrats, “How much do you want us to approve?” If the answer is $2 trillion, the DMP should answer “No, we’ll only let you raise it $1.9 trillion.” Then the DMP can say, “See, we didn’t give them everything they wanted.” Ridiculous!John DevenishCarson City


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