Kelly never should have interviewed in Philly

Just once I'd like to hear a coach tell the media that despite his happiness in his current school he's keeping his options open for the future.

It ticked me off to see Notre Dame's Brian Kelly quoted as saying that the Notre Dame job was the best one on Earth no matter the level, and then he turns around and interviews with the Philadelphia Eagles one day after the Irish was whipped by Alabama in the BCS championship game.

Saturday afternoon Kelly announced that he was returning for his fourth season at Notre Dame. Did he pass on the Eagles, or did Philadelphia pass on him?

I don't know whether Kelly would make a good pro coach or not. It's not an easy transition to be sure.

He may have damaged his recruiting for next year with this move. You know opposing coaches are going to jump all over that, and possibly steal a recruit or two from the Irish.

I also wish people would honor contracts, honor agreements. Coaches usually get five-year contracts because they argue they need one cycle of recruiting (four years) to get the best results.

So far, Kelly is a bit short in honoring his commitment to Notre Dame. Stick around coach. Finish what you started. One good year doesn't mean Notre Dame is back for good.


The NIAA recently announced that the pod system would no longer exist after this year.

Will it make a difference? Not really.

The Dayton Dust Devils are still going to have to make those yearly trips to Winnemucca and Elko. What they miss out on are the trips to Silver Stage, Yerington and Lovelock, and those are no big deal.

The realignment doesn't mean that Dayton couldn't schedule Yerington or Lovelock because the teams should have a couple of open games with the restructuring of the leagues.


According to the NIAA web-site, Carson High is hosting the Division I boys and girls basketball regional semifinals and finals this year.

Pray for good weather because Carson has been in this position before. A couple of years ago, the games were moved from Carson because of inclement weather.

Morse Burley Gym is the best venue among the DI schools. Yes I know the Spanish Springs gym is bigger, but the layout really sucks. It should have been built with the ability to pull out bleachers behind each basket.

The ideal situation would be to play at the Reno Events Center or Lawlor, but those venues are expensive, really expensive. The Events Center would be better because it's smaller, and you don't need an 11,000-seat place to play.


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