Hearing moved to March

Timothy Sparacino had his preliminary hearing moved to March 12 on charges of possession of stolen property. Sparacino and his girlfriend, Jeira Polanco, allegedly had an apartment full of stolen property which was discovered through the policework of a state parole and probation officer.•A Gardnerville man accused of sexually abusing his two stepdaughters from 2001 to 2008 switched from his private counsel, Richard Davies, to the services of the public defender’s office.The change-over was disclosed Tuesday in district court. The public defender asked the court to continue the arraignment for one week so the office could go over the case with Jefferey Volosin, 30. Volosin’s trial is expected to last between four to five days.• Randal Arnold offered an Alford plea to a charge of conspiracy to commit domestic battery, a gross misdemeanor. An Alford plea is one in which the defendant enters a guilty plea but maintains his innocence. The defense said it has questions as to the alleged victim’s credibility, but Arnold told Judge Wilson he was entering his plea because he thinks it is in his best interests. He was released on his own recognizance and will be sentenced Feb. 26. Conspiracy to commit domestic battery carries up to a year in jail as its penalty. Arnold allegedly choked and hit the victim before the victim was able to run to a neighbor’s house and call 911, according to the police report. He was originally arrested on a charge of domestic battery with strangulation, a felony. Arnold and the victim have a child together.


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