Quick response limits issues at Carson Tahoe

Three patients were transferred safely from an inpatient care area at Carson Tahoe's Continuing Care Hospital and repairs were under way Wednesday after a water sprinkler pipe rupture.

The pipe problem caused some flooding, but it was in an observation unit hallway and most of the water leaked down a stairwell, according to Jon Tyler, spokesman for Carson Tahoe Health.

The continuing care hospital is a long-term acute care facility located at the Carson Tahoe Specialty Center.

The three patients were relocated after the late Tuesday pipe rupture to the Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, according to the health care firm. No other patient care areas or services were affected.

"Our staff is real good and they reacted very quickly," said Tyler.

A Wednesday update indicated that repairs were expected to take about a week on the building section affected.

Tyler noted that the sprinkler pipe rupture came on a day when water pipe problems cropped up in various Carson City mobile homes, residences and even at a city government water meter.

"I didn't realize how cold it has been for a long time," he commented.

A city Public Works official said it's typical in a cold snap to get 20 or 30 reports of pipe problems weekly, but the number seemed a bit higher in recent days.

City warns against unsafe ice

The Carson City Parks and Recreation Department warned citizens against walking on or doing any activities on frozen ponds or waterways.

The department said it is advising people against walking on such ice because, even though temperatures have been frigid, such areas aren't safe to be on due to inconsistent thickness of the ice.

"Please stay off the ice for your safety, and inform children of the danger as well," the department said in a release.


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