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Teachers have a wealthy of real world experienceI write to respond to Rob Cobb’s letter in which he states why teachers shouldn’t carry guns: “Most teachers have never really functioned in the real world.”Teaching children about a subject matter is just a small part of our job. How about those kids coming through our doors who need to be counseled because their parent beat them the night before? How about the kid that can’t afford to eat because their parents spend the food money on drugs, so we give them our own money for lunch? How about the student that wants to commit suicide because her parents don’t support her being gay? You don’t think that this is real world for us? The world is more real for us than it is for most. And secondly Mr. Cobb, “...after college they got a job teaching, they have never worked or lived outside of a school.” I work with former carpenters, nurses, policemen, firefighters and career military personnel, among others. Many teachers gave up lucrative careers to be with your kids — to help them understand the real world. We bring to the table a wealth of real world experience.As a teacher, I don’t want to carry a gun in school. My weapons are respect, love, knowledge and common sense. I use them to teach your children how to function in the real world. I believe these weapons will go a lot farther than anything the bullets of a gun could ever instill upon the minds of our children.Angila GolikCarson CityReader sees columns as anti-DemocratI have a real problem with Ann Bednarski’s columns, which are too often permeated with hatred-laced statements toward Democratic leaders.Bednarski’s latest masterpiece, erroneously entitled “Plans and goals for this New Year,” contained examples which are worth noting. She states that Sen. Reid, who has been returned to the U.S. Senate by the people of Nevada, should be placed under citizens arrest for failing to pass a budget. She accuses him of being more interested in starting a National Boxing League than in the needs of Nevadans, and she thinks he does not take his position as senator seriously. Did Republican John Ensign take his position as senator seriously? She also states that President Obama was off on “yet another of his exorbitant vacations” immediately following the fiscal cliff vote. Ms. Bednarski made absurd observations throughout her column, many of which appear to be biased and unfair. Reid was continuously reelected to the Senate because a majority of Nevadans were satisfied with his performance. As to Obama’s so-called exorbitant vacations, is she aware that all presidents often return to their home states for vacation and many presidents have taken significantly more time away from Washington than Obama?I believe a career educator and journalist owes the reader open-mindedness, objectivity and factual comments when she writes columns which are political in nature. I suggest the Nevada Appeal consider placing a disclaimer at the conclusion of her future political commentaries informing the public that the newspaper does not necessarily agree with her slanted viewpoints.Martin J. FischerCarson CityTeachers can function in real world In response to Rob Cobb, I have been a public school teacher for 30-plus years and have never met anyone in the profession who was unable to function in the real world!We are not dim-witted dolts with blinders on as you seemed to imply. We all bring very rich and varied life experiences to the classroom. Many have chosen teaching as a second career. Some are veterans who attended school on the GI Bill. I personally have worked as a nursing home administrator and a geriatric social worker. To suggest that I am cocooned in only my “school world” is absurd. I am not unfit or unable to carry a gun, I’m just unwilling to do so.Mary Ellen GallagherDayton


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