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130 Years Ago

A paper mill to be started here for the purpose of making common paper out of refuse wood will give employment to many of our idle boys.

120 Years Ago

Hawaiian lottery: The Louisiana Lottery Company has secured a charter in the Sandwich Islands. The bill has been passed and awaits the Queen's signature. The capital stock of the lottery company is to be $5,000,000... Two commissioners appointed by the Queen shall preside at all lottery drawings. The same company would have paid Nevada the same sum for a franchise, but "highly moral" people of the State wouldn't stand it.

70 Years Ago

Flood: The rainfall amounting to 2.65 of inches of rain was Carson's worst flood. The rainfall measurements were taken by Prof. L. W. Little, observer for the Nevada highway department.

50 Years Ago

Spokesman for the Sandia Corporation, contractor for the Atomic Energy Commission, said that two rockets carrying bright red flares 300,000 feet above the test range were launched. The flares were in clusters of three were to have been seen for hundreds of miles...

30 Years Ago

"E.T." movie: Swedish film censors decided the hit movie may cause mental injuries to children under 11. The main objection were the movie's threatening atmosphere when grown-ups enter the action and E.T. dies. Steven Spielberg wanted the minimum viewage lowered to 7 in Sweden.

10 Years Ago

Photo caption: Inmate Monti Calvert stands among the planets he helped carve from stones. A group of carvers from the Nevada State Prison crafted the planets to be embedded to form a walkway at the Jack C. Davis Observatory in Western Nevada Community College...

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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