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130 Years AgoTreadway victorious: The argument in the case of the Bank of Nevada vs. Aaron D. Treadway was closed in U.S. Court. The suit was to take possession of the old Treadway ranch where all the picnics of the State have been held... Treadway endorsed a note on the Nevada Bank and was told that it was a formality. Afterward the note fell due, the maker died and the stock was sold by the bank to a confederate in Virginia City. As soon as the bank showed its claws, Old Tread in his 75th year secretly married his deceased brother’s widow, and they entered the property as a homestead. Once showing the paperwork to the bank, it was fired out of Court... Treadway is about the streets receiving congratulations from the yeomanry...120 Years Ago All sorts: Soda crackers only 56 cents per box and parlor brooms 25 cents each. Net cash at Charles H. Kelly’s—Arlington Block. 70 Years Ago Letters: Letters sent to American prisoners held by Japanese must be typewritten or printed in block capitals and kept to the shortest possible length. Information on how to address mail to prisoners is included with the official notification of capture sent to next of kin by the office of the provost...50 Years Ago Nevada Test Site: An Atomic Energy Commission report reveals that a plumber made $536.40 in one week while at the atomic proving ground, electricians were paid $470.40...30 Years Ago Russian spy satellite: Russian satellite pieces are still falling—One piece came down in the Indian Ocean, fifty pieces of satellite came streaking across the ocean. The orbiting chunk (Cosmos) is carrying about 100 pounds of nuclear fuel and is expected to re-enter the atmosphere next month... 10 Years Ago Four-winged dinosaur remains have been found in China ... a four-winged dinosaur that apparently glided from tree to tree ... was 21⁄2 feet long and had two sets of feathered wings.• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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