DA tells Supervisors a program for business protection is in the cards

Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo told the Board of Supervisors and other city officials Thursday that he intends to begin a program to combat pilfering from businesses.“We’re looking at starting a business protection program,” he said, identifying embezzlement problems as part of the reason.After his presentation at a workshop for supervisors and top city personnel, he said that his office’s effort to thwart embezzlement might roll out this spring or summer.Rombardo said embezzlement problems were minimal prior to difficult economic times, or firms sometimes didn’t want to pursue prosecution, but he has seen more such cases involving the crime since economic difficulties came on.One difficulty is that cases are tough when a small business has financial records that don’t track things as well as they might. He cited that as a specific reason for the idea during the meeting.“If (businesses) don’t have good books,” he told his workshop colleagues, “I can’t prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.”Rombardo also touted his office’s victim/witness program and another to protect elderly Carson City residents by helping them realize they shouldn’t be taken advantage of financially by others.Rombardo, who is elected, said he and his office works cooperatively and closely with the board and city officials, including City Manager Larry Werner. The city government orientation workshop included an opportunity for any person from the public to show up and address supervisors on any issue, but none appeared as the day’s work began.After Rombardo completed his presentation, Chief Deputy District Attorney Randal Munn took over and gave a lengthy presentation on the state’s open meetings law, public records, ethics and meeting civility issues.The agenda for the day also included presentations on general government finance issues, plus time to hear about various departmental and other programs.Mayor Robert Crowell indicated as the workshop began that he planned to have supervisors and city staff interact in a businesslike but casual way during the session in the Ormsby Room at the Sheriff’s Office.“Treat it as informative yet informal,” he counseled.


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