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130 Years Ago

Bloody work: (continued from Friday): There was another horror at Silver Peak as the stage drove on 30 more miles. They found the storekeeper and two clerks dead in the store. The store was rifled and safe gutted. There is intense feeling over the affair and armed men are scouring the country in pursuit of the desperadoes...

120 Years Ago

Giving women the ballot: There is more talk of giving women the ballot by a bill to pass the present session. There is no reason why women, especially the sensible kind we have in Nevada, should not vote.

70 Years Ago

Reverse: Undersecretary of War Robert P. Patterson said that after the war the Army will help find soldiers jobs through "a selective service system in reverse." The Army cannot guarantee every one a job, but is going to do its best to see that no man is out of military ranks into a breadline.

50 Years Ago

Inaugural Ball: Entertainer Louis Prima will make a guest appearance at the Governor's Inaugural Ball. Prima and his group are now appearing at Harrah's Club in Reno. Approval for the appearance by Prima has been made. He is a personal friend of Gov. Grant Sawyer...

30 Years Ago

Austerity budget: Gov. Richard Bryan states that there will be no salary increases for state employees, teachers or University of Nevada professors...

10 Years Ago

Hundreds of residents and employees of the Super Kmart in Carson City are appealing to corporate officials to reconsider the decision to close the store.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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