Flagpole tax exemption idea hits snag Lawmakers aren't on board

Unless other lawmakers step up, an area state Senator and two state Assemblymen have indicated requests to exempt flagpoles from property tax aren't likely to get traction in 2013. The idea for an exemption via legislation was scotched by the Legislative Counsel Bureau, which informed Carson City Assessor Dave Dawley it would require an amendment to the Nevada Constitution.Such an amendment demands adoption in two legislative sessions and then approval by a vote of the people.Dawley, who had been working with Assemblyman Pete Livermore, R-Carson City, to determine if legislation was appropriate, found hurdles were higher than anticipated because a constitutional change is needed.“We're kind of at a standstill,” he said, noting veterans groups have told people they won't push for the idea at least until the 2015 Legislature.“So we're working on it,” Dawley said. “I'm just not sure it's going to happen real fast because of the requirements.”Livermore, who noted he understands why people don't want taxation associated with patriotic acts like flying the flag, said he wasn't introducing a constitutional amendment in part because it would require stewardship through the 2017 Legislature.Sen., James Settelmeyer, R-Minden, said he wasn't introducing it this year either. Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, R-Gardnerville, who represents the Storey County district in which one of the constituents seeking the exemption lives, said his number of introduction slots is limited and he won't use one for the proposal.


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