Letters to the editor

Good luck WNC softballI just want to say I support you very much, Western Nevada Softball Team. You play hard and practice hard. You travel to different schools and play each game hard. You are the best, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.Good luck in the 2013 season.Kevin MarcellaCarson CityThe new NRAI joined the National Rifle Association today. It is my kind of organization. I welcome supporting the majority of its members who believe their constitutional rights are not impeded by the proposed gun safety laws. I am the new NRA. I drive around rural Nevada with “Coexist” and “Peace” bumper stickers on my car. My husband, a long-time NRA member, owns hunting, target and collector guns. All are locked in a gun safe. Our daughters took hunter safety classes as kids. My husband now possesses a concealed weapon permit. He convinced me that rather than vilify the NRA, join it and increase the power of its reasonable members.I am the new NRA. I was sorely disappointed with Congressman Amodei’s and Sen. Heller’s responses to my personal plea for their support of gun safety laws. Now I will sign my concerns as “a voting NRA member.”Oh, I will still be driven by my heartfelt emotions as a parent, grandma and retired first-grade teacher. My question to them, “Why aren’t you this passionate?”I am the new NRA. I believe it is not an impossible challenge to pass legislation that requires background checks, limits magazine capacity and restricts assault weapons. It is the demand of the majority.Jennifer TannerCarson City


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