State touts SilverFlume business portal

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller’s latest Quarterly Business Report urged Nevada businesses to provide common business registration data via SilverFlume.SilverFlume is Nevada’s business portal and collects the common data that are the basic information nearly every state government agency requires.“If you haven’t completed your Common Business Registration profile,” the fourth quarter Miller business report said, “it is important that you log in to SilverFlume and finish the process.”The report also said the service enables businesses to enter information once when interacting with different agencies, “helping all parties save time and effort.” The portal is at Current partners involved include: Nevada’s Departments of Taxation, Business and Industry, Health and Human Services, Motor Vehicles and Administration, as well as the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the Office of Treasurer, and Douglas County.Questions may be directed to customer support at 775-684-5708 or


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