Fuji Park upgrade part of redevelopment funding mix

A landscaping and gazebo project at Fuji Park costing $141,278 was one of three vying for funding recommendations Monday from the Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee.

In whole or in part, the park-upgrade project got the blessing and nearly brought a motion of support from Ronni Hannaman, a RACC member and the director of Carson City’s Chamber of Commerce. But Lori Bagwell, the committee’s chair, persuaded Hannaman to hold off a month to get more information on all three proposals before the panel.

Another project was $81,400 for the Brewery Arts Center to finance in part the closure of Minnesota Street from King Street south for a block as part of converting the BAC into a multi-block campus. The third was a $54,000 proposal to extend water-main service into the area covered by the 3100-3300 block area of South Carson Street.

“I think we could fit in all three projects,” said Bagwell, though she was speaking of doing it over multiple fiscal years. The money available for fiscal 2013-14, which the committee can recommend that the authority commit, amounts to $162,124.

Planning Director Lee Plemel said prioritizing over multiple years is warranted because the amount is likely to be replenished. The amount is for “undesignated capital improvement projects” and is what is left over after payoffs of past incentive commitments plus operations.

Plemel reminded the committee such left over capital improvement money last year is being used this year to erect an LED sign at the community center.

Hannaman voiced her expectation that sign the would be up well before winter.

“It will be here for Nevada Day for sure,” she said.

The Fuji Park project that had her vocal support for FY 2013-14 involves a $50,000 gazebo and considerable landscaping, which Park Planner Vern Krahn said would help make it more attractive for event sponsors who consider renting Fuji. He said the park is being used more, but currently looks like an “inhospitable environment.”


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