Carson Mall to get new tenant

A tenant is coming to Carson Mall, but a spokeswoman for the Carrington Co. in California and two Carson City leaders wouldn’t disclose which retailer is coming.

“We do have a tenant for a portion of the space,” said Joanne Holmes of Carrington, based in Eureka, Calif. She said the tenant would use about two-thirds of the 42,000 square feet available, but she wouldn’t disclose the name until the tenant says it’s OK.

“When they’re ready,” she said, shifting her remarks next to how thrilled Carrington is to move forward toward that day.

Mayor Bob Crowell and Supervisor Jim Shirk each said someone is signed on for the space, which was vacated when Gottschalks went bankrupt, but both said disclosure wasn’t in their power.

The mayor said Friday he understood a lease was now signed, but added, “I don’t know who it is; they won’t say.”

Shirk in a recent blog put it this way: “Great News — the Carson Mall has indeed signed a lease with a tenant for the vacant 42,000 square foot empty building. HOORAY!”

Reached by phone Friday, Shirk was unwilling to go further.

“I was told not to tell anybody,” he said.

No one would say anything specific when asked if the vacant space, which is being retrofitted, might be for Sports Authority Inc., a large sporting-goods retailer based in Englewood, Colo. Everyone asked that question was unable or unwilling to answer.

Holmes said she figured it is time for Carson residents to make and take bets on who the new tenant will be. But when asked if someone betting on Sports Authority would have a shot, she cheerfully parried the inquiry without disclosing a thing.


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